João Dias de Queiroz - EAUFBA


João Dias de Queiroz

Management Education,

Knowledge management,

Technology Management.

I believe in the role of the teacher as a facilitator of the learning process based on the theories of socio-constructivism and constructionism, using digital technologies to, among other benefits, make this process more appropriate to the profile of the student of the digital age.

Ph.D. in Dissemination of Knowledge at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. Master in Informatics at the Pontifícia Universidade Católicado Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Graduation in Data Processing at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil.

Research and publications focused in the Education area, involving motivation, engagement and self-regulation, metacognition in teaching and learning processes, information technology applied to education, personalized education, e-learning and knowledge management.

Participation in research groups: Observes Public Policies (EAUFBA), CRDH (UNEB) and Redepect (DMMDC). Knowledge management consultant in the restructuring project of the Companhia de Desenvolvimento e Ação Regional (CAR, 2013). Consultant and coordinator of the education area of ​​the Instituto Recôncavo de Tecnologia (IRT, 2008-2010). Coordinator of the Extension Branch in Administration (EAUFBA, 2007-2012). Director of the Faculty of Technologies of the Sociedade Tecnopolitana da Bahia (STB, 2006-2008). Coordinator of the planning, implementation and maintenance of information and communication technology at the Health Surveillance Division (DIVISA / Bahia, 2005-2007). Consultant in the Learning Organizations Project (PM / Bahia, 2006). Coordinator of information systems and computer science courses at the Sociedade Tecnopolitana da Bahia (STB, 2000-2005). Regional director of Bahia at the Brazilian Knowledge Management Society (SBGC, 2005-2006). ADMNET Coordinator (Environment for Distance Learning, EAUFBA, 2002-2005). Consultant on the knowledge management implementation project at Embasa (2001-2002). Consultant for the PM / BA Reorganization Project (2001-2002). Coordinator of the Information Technology Center (NTI, EAUFBA, 2000-2002). Consultant responsible for the computer-based training project for branches for Banco Econômico S.A. (1990-1991). Consultant responsible for the Computer Based Training Project (TBC) for BANEB Agencies (1990). Norms and Standards Manager at Processa/ Banco Econômico S.A. (1979-1985). Project Coordinator at CPD at UFBA (1978-1979).