Comunication - EAUFBA


  • To allow society to understand EAUFBA’s institutional mission, promoting and safeguarding EAUFBA’s institutional image before it.
  • To safeguard the information protection, ensuring its availability, authenticity and integrity.
  • To prepare, edit, publish and manage information on EAUFBA’s various communication channels (website, social networks, email, WhatsApp), and before the press.
  • To broadly disseminate the work and results obtained by EAUFBA’s professors,  staff and students, when identified as having academic and social relevance.
  • To meet press demands addressed to EAUFBA and provide the means necessary for journalists’
  • To support the development or develop materials of an institutional and advertising nature, aimed at internal and external audiences.
  • To develop and manage EAUFBA’s internal and external communication channels.

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News communication request form (See document)

Event communication request form (See document)

Protocol for requesting news and event communication ((TEXT))

Social media communication request form (See document)

WhatsApp and email communication request form (See document)

Protocol for requesting communication on social networks ((TEXT))

Protocol for requesting communication on WhatsApp and email ((TEXT))

Event coverage request form (See document)

Request for events coverage ((TEXT))

Device suggestions for digital meetings ((TEXT))

Device suggestions for projects ((TEXT))