The Center for Continuing Education in Management (NEA) was established by the School’s bylaws in order to support university continuing education activities initiated by EAUFBA and its academic community.

NEA provides this support in accordance with the continuing education policies and guidelines through the following actions:

  • accreditation, through a formal, public and transparent process, of the initiatives considered EAUFBA’s continuing education activities;
  • preparation, organization, coordination g and support for the provision of consultancy and advisory services in the areas of professional specialization for members of EAUFBA’s academic community and other professionals accredited by NEA;
  • support and execution of continuing and corporate education programs and projects at the lato sensu graduate level ( refresher, professional qualification , specialization) independently or jointly with other EAUFBA’s programs and centers;
  • identification of continuing education mechanisms and activities that complement and strengthen the training of EAUFBA’s students, technicians and professors.

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