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Launched in 1993, O&S was the first journal in the Management area created by and within a Federal University in Brazil. The journals has always highlighted its open, plural and multidisciplinary position. In addition to the Management area, O&S is recognized in the areas of History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Interdisciplinary fields, Social Work, Urban and Regional Planning. O&S means and symbolizes a lot for Brazilian researchers in the context of the development of the Management area and, specifically, in the maturation and flourishing of the field of Organizational Studies in Brazil. O&S has offered, over time, a space of expression for the emergence of the different, the new, and the unusual. The journals promotes heterodox positions in Organizational Studies, but above all, a vision of the organization within and for society.

By valuing this comprehensive and inclusive concept of management, RIGS publishes original documents for the Brazilian context. They are texts, photos and videos that demonstrate their contribution to the advancement of research and practice based on interdisciplinarity. RIGS publishes documents inserted in six types of contribution: technological, theoretical, experiential, indicative, photographic and audiovisual. Each document must choose the type that most characterizes it, although it is possible to fit it into multiple contributions. In this way, each number published by RIGS has a combination of varied documents, each with a different type of contribution.

The NAU Social Journal is aimed at expanding the field of studies and practices in social management and public policies. The journal seeks to broaden and promote the debate on social management training as a field of practices and knowledge under construction, particularly with regard to the nature and boundaries of this new field, as well as with regard to training in public policies. The editorial line of NAU Social Journal, inspired by the metaphorical universe of great voyages of discovery, was designed to welcome contributions of different formats related to training in social management and public policies, with their correlated areas, with an emphasis on innovation and learning, seeking to contribute to discussion about the nature and boundaries of both fields.

Political Administration focuses on the organization and management of human work. Through REBAP, there is the dissemination of epistemological studies of Management, opening and renewing concepts and definitions in this field of study.