Who we are

EAUFBA is a learning community dedicated to the development of skills with an impact on society. It values ​​various teaching and learning processes, promoting an atmosphere of openness to dialogue, criticism, intercultural exchange, creation and new opportunities. An environment in which we also learn from mistakes, and where ideas can be experienced in a creative and generative manner.

  • More than 60 years of experience in teaching Management.
  • National pioneer in Public Administration and Social Management training.
  • Graduate studies with regional and national impact.
  • First Executive Secretariat course in Brazil.
  • Undergraduate courses of excellence, historically well evaluated by MEC.
  • Professionals trained at EAUFBA are valued by the market and the world of work.
  • Development of social technologies, with emphasis on social residency.
  • Solidary Economy Technological Incubator.
  • Nationally renowned journals: Organizações & Sociedade (O&S), Revista Interdisciplinar de Gestão Social(RIGS), NAU Social.
  • First Junior Enterprise in Administration in the North-Northeast Region.
  • Student initiatives: Students’ Unions, Financial Market League, Athletic Association, Coletivo do Vale (LGBTQ +), Coletivo Denegrir.