Structure - EAUFBA


Continuing education actions are promoted through projects carried out by EAUFBA’s  professors, technicians, administrative and executive bodies, research groups, student organizations and other types of organizations of an academic nature. These projects are coordinated by professors or technical administrative employees of EAUFBA’s permanent staff.

The coordinator of each continuing education project is institutionally responsible for fulfilling the established objectives and for conducting the procedures necessary to achieve the work plan.

To be institutionally recognized, projects must be registered by the coordinators at the Pro-rectory of University Continuing education (PROEXT/UFBA) and assessed and approved by EAUFBA’s Governing Body, demonstrating alignment with EAUFBA continuing education policy.

The issuance of a certificate of participation, frequency and performance in continuing education activities  is carried out by PROEXT/UFBA, provided that they are duly registered by the coordinator.

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