EAUFBA’s mission is to develop professionals, relations with society and knowledge in Administration, Management and Executive Secretariat, based on the values of reflexivity, pioneering spirit, diversity, effectiveness and connectivity, fully guaranteeing access to and permanence in the public, free, inclusive, autonomous and quality University.

Core Values

  • Reflexivity– valuation of  critical knowledge and conscious practice, involving social justice, democracy, solidarity, ethics, transparency, and sustainability.
  • Innovation– stimulus to knowledge and creative and entrepreneurial practice, involving initiative, pioneering spirit, curiosity, and inventiveness.
  • Diversity– recognition of plurality and inclusion, involving respect for different perspectives, views, beliefs, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, disabilities, and social classes.
  • Effectiveness– delivery of effective and efficient knowledge and practices, involving technique, scientific rigor, methodology, and precision.
  • Connectivity– encouragement of relational and communicational practice, involving interactivity, collaboration, trust, active listening, interculturality, and empathy.


EAUFBA aspires to society’s national and international recognition for excellence in teaching, research and continuing education.

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