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NUG’s purpose is to respond to requests from undergraduate students,  professors, collective bodies and the EAUFBA’s department regarding the performance of administrative activities.


One week before WEB enrollment, undergraduate students receive material prepared by the collective body  on how to perform: (a) WEB enrollment, (b) face-to-face enrollment, and (c) enrollment adjustment.

During that week, students receive this material by email, but can also consult the information  on the tab labeled News of the EAUFBA’s website.

After enrollment is completed, the students can issue their voucher through the SIAC system or request NUG to provide it.


  • To respond to requests from undergraduate students with regard to: (a) study performance; (b) issuance of a first copy of a diploma; (c) complementary activities registration; (d) introductory letter for technical visits and exchange programs; (e ) extension of the time limit for completion of the degree; (f) exam retake ; (g) home regime, and (h)  exam appeal. Requests are made through NUG request system.
  • To provide statements to students about their academic situation (for example: expected completion of the course, regularity of enrollment, percentage of course completed).
  • To offer support for conducting the students’ face-to-face enrollment and enrollment adjustment.
  • To provide academic guidance to students, when requested.
  • To carry out actions for the undergraduate student’s graduation.
  • To assist the Academic Department and the collective body of undergraduate courses in the academic planning of each semester (offering courses, providing slots for collective bodies and allocating professors).
  • To perform administrative procedures for hiring a substitute professor.
  • To provide statements to professors and academic managers (for example: participation in a  term paper board, participation in a functional progress board for professors, civil servants’ probationary period).


In order to make a request to the NUG, click the button below.

UFBA defends a policy of support for students that includes, in addition to academic and pedagogical aspects, actions of a social and cultural nature, and health (for example, psycho-emotional care) and infrastructure support. In this context, academic follow-up is a key element for the student’s permanence and university education performance directed at guaranteeing the student’s integral training.

EAUFBA’s professors act as academic advisers for specific groups of students within their undergraduate courses with  the purpose of:

  • Welcoming and encouraging the student to participate in university life.
  • Supporting the construction of curriculum  pathways, presenting the curriculum flow to the students and promoting the follow-up in activities of scientific initiation, internship, extension, elaboration of the term paper (TCC)  during their entire training and stimulating their autonomy.
  • Stimulating students’ academic, artistic, intellectual, technical-scientific and sociocultural training – subjects of formative, critical and reflective processes.
  • Meeting the student’s demands regarding their professional and citizen training, developing the competencies and skills provided for in the Pedagogical Course Project (PPC).
  • Collaborating  to improvement of performance in the learning process, following special situations such as failure, partial and total stopout,  repetition, low performance, permanence, extension of the time limit for completion of the degree, and evasion.
  • Presenting the current demands of the world of work with a focus on the profession skills.
  • Monitoring the performance of non-mandatory internships, in order to guide the students to carry out such activities, in accordance with their academic and professional training real theoretical and practical needs.
  • Stimulating the improvement of social relationship conditions between students, professors and technical administrative bodies, including outsourced workers.

The orientation takes place in meetings between professors and groups of students under their responsibility (collective demands), and in individual schedules, when the student deems it necessary (private demands).

Academic guidance presupposes the development of attitudes favorable to the development of relational skills in dealing with students, with other professors and with management bodies, in addition to a broad knowledge of UFBA and EAUFBA’s processes, policies and structures.

The focus is on linking academic guidance actions with CBT, research, continuing education, professional training and internship orientation activities. This provides students with integrated support and facilitates their adaptation, guaranteeing their permanence and qualifying their progress in the university life at  EAUFBA.

Purpose: to contribute to  students’ success in university life, through the daily overcoming of challenges and adversities, especially those that are the result of the effects of social inequalities generated by sexism, racism, training, homo-lesbian-transphobia and socio-economic vulnerability.

University residences are administered at PROAE, by the Student Support Programs Coordination (CPAE), which also offers other services such as food, transportation, day care and support grants.

SMURB formulates, implements and monitors integrated health care actions for UFBA workers and students in personal, collective and environmental contexts.

The ombudsperson’s Office  is a channel for the social participation of students, professors and employees through psychological assistance, mediation and preventive actions.

In order to contact the Ombudsperson’s Office,  click the button below: