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Continuing education, a pillar that integrates the UFBA tripod, together with teaching and research, brings with it the attribute of crossing the walls of the university and placing it in continuous interaction with society. Continuing education activities are capable of inducing social changes, while also contributing to the students’ theoretical-practical-experiential training and the critical look.

EAUFBA maintains a permanent dialogue with society through actions with the general  community, and public, private and third sector organizations. There are several university continuing education programs and activities at the regional and national levels. Continuing education actions carried out include courses, events, services, field work and other forms of action compatible with the academic context.

The continuing education curriculum enables the dialogical relationship between “student-teacher-community,” expanding the learning spaces, inside and outside EAUFBA.

The incentive for continuing education occurs in a remarkable way throughout EAUFBA’s history by means of scholarship granting, staff training,  support granting,  agreements with various entities, partnerships with institutions, dissemination of academic production, participation and promotion of congresses, symposia and seminars for studies and debates.

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