Financial management and discussions associated with the movement of money over time motivate my teaching, research, extension, and production of teaching material activities. I also seek to understand the teaching and learning processes, especially in questions about pedagogical concepts and the incorporation of technology.

Doctorate (2002) and Master (1998) in Administration at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Graduated in Business Administration at the Universidade Católica do Salvador, UCSA (1995).

Research and publications focused in the areas of Financial Management and Accounting on economic-financial performance, innovation, finance, and quantitative methods.

Member of the Bahia Academy of Administration Science, Bahia Regional Administration Council (CRA/BA). Substitute for the Academic Teaching Council (CAE / UFBA). Reviewer of Journals in Administration and Accounting. Best work from the academic division EPQ Teaching and Research in Accounting (Enanpad 2014).