Ana Cristina Muniz Décia

Interdisciplinarity, weaving and being woven in my trajectory in management and institutional evaluation, outlines the concept of my doing in teaching-extension-research and academic management, in the field of affirmative inclusion, diversity and visibility policies, motivating the interest in experiences and decolonial epistemologies that contribute to the reinvention of teaching-learning, in the search for equity for the historically excluded, from a utopia to a (other) world of sustainable life and work.

Ph.D. in Education, Master in Information Science, Graduated in Executive Secretariat at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. Specialization in Public Policy Management in Gender and Race at the Universidade de Brasília, Brazil.

Research and publications focused on public policy management in gender and race, social management, affirmative actions, information science and institutional evaluation of higher education.

Experience as a coordinator of Student Assistance Programs (CPAE/PROAE/UFBA). Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Development and Social Management (CIAGS/EAUFBA). Experience as a full member of CAE/CONSEPE (2017-2018), as a coordinator of the Executive Secretariat Course/UFBA Collegiate (2014-2018), as an evaluator of undergraduate courses at the Ministry of Education (2014-2016) and as a member of advisory committee of the ENADE Secretariat area (2018-2019).