Bárbara Maria Dultra Pereira - EAUFBA


Bárbara Maria Dultra Pereira

Executive Secretariat,

Organizational behavior,


Social management.

Affection and care are essential in my teaching and research practices.

Doctorate in Dissemination of Knowledge, Master in Administration, Advanced Specialization in Administration and Development of Human Resources and Graduation in Executive Secretariat at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. Specialist in Transpersonal Therapy by the Higher Institute of Health Sciences, INCISA, Brazil.

Research and publications focused on secretarial management, affectivity and humanization in the PICs, care and affectivity as practices that enhance dialogue in organizations.

Coordinator of the EAUFBA Executive Secretariat Course. Researcher at the Cooperative Research and Intervention Network in (In)training, Curriculum and Work (CAOS), Faculty of Education, Universidade Federal da Bahia. Experience as a Transpersonal Therapist at the Center for Holistic and Transpersonal Studies – Omega Group.