Floriano Barboza Silva - EAUFBA


Floriano Barboza Silva

Behaviors, attitudes and values ​​make up the universe of people management, marketing and organizations. I seek to align these areas with that of Administration education in order to understand, create and develop management tools.

Ph.D. in Dissemination of Knowledge at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. Master in Education, Administration and Communication at the Universidade São Marcos, Brazil. Graduated in Business Administration at Faculdade Castro Alves and in Economic Sciences at Universidade Santana, Brazil.

Research and publications focused on creative economy, strategic administration, marketing, marketing, creative economy, school management, human resources, culture, knowledge, transversality, Intersectionality and (in) training, cognitive analysis, ontology and socialization and consumer behavior.

Coordinator of the Undergraduate Course in Administration at EAUFBA and the research group Culture, Economy, Creativity and Innovation (Faculty of Education, UFBA). Experience as coordinator of undergraduate courses at the Faculty of Business Technology / Ruy Barbosa and as academic director and economist at TELESP. Coordination experience of the Educar, Art and Culture project in the Ogunja – Viver Bem community.