Guilherme Marback Neto - EAUFBA


Guilherme Marback Neto

Communication management,

Management Education,


Organizational Behavior

My great challenge is always to develop and provide innovative classes with a lot of problematization and diversity of contexts.

Ph.D. in Education at the Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, UNESP, Brazil. Master in Business Administration at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. Graduated in Business Administration at Universidade Salvador, UNIFACS, Brazil.

Research and publications focused on the communication area, with an emphasis on themes on business communication in the context of higher education, institutional evaluation, course authorization, distance education and the accreditation of sequential courses.

Experience as a training instructor at Ernst Young Corporate University and as a member of the National Higher Education Assessment Commission (2011-2016). Director of Publications for the National Association of Graduate Courses in Administration. Dean at the Centro Universitário Jorge Amado.