Isabel Sartori - EAUFBA


Isabel Sartori



Technology management,

Operations and logistics management

I believe in intra-institutional entrepreneurship and breaking the hierarchy in the teaching-learning process with students.

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Graduation in Chemical Engineering at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil.

Research and publications focused in the area of ​​Production and Process Engineering, with emphasis on topics on technology development and production innovation, on reliability of industrial processes and mega-events and on automatic fault detection and diagnosis, artificial intelligence on neural networks, projects applied to industry and service, small and large businesses and digital marketing.

Researcher in the Graduate Program in Industrial Engineering at the Universidade Federal da Bahia. Coordinator of the Administration Extension Nucleus (NEA / UFBA). Received the “Prof. Carlos Espinheira de Sá ”(Fundação Carlos Espinheira de Sá , 2008), the Bahiagás Innovation Award (2008), the “Incentive Award for Learning of Chemical Engineering in Brazil” (ABEQ and OXITENO, 2007) and the “Best Student of Global Performance” (Chemical Engineering Course at UFBA, 2007).