Sergio Ricardo Goes Oliveira - EAUFBA


Sergio Ricardo Goes Oliveira

I returned to the joy of teaching, researching and building new methodologies at UFBA, because despite the working conditions being difficult, they are human.

Ph.D. in Business Administration (Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo (EAESP-FGV). Master in Business Administration (Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBA). Undergraduate in Business Administration at the Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo (EAESP-FGV).

Research and publications focused on strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and teaching in Administration.

Vice-leader in the Laboratory of Management Technologies (LATEG). He was a full professor of the Master in Business Administration program at Universidade Salvador for ten years. He coordinated postgraduate courses and undergraduate courses in Administration at Higher Education Institutes in the cities of Aracaju and Salvador. He worked as an executive in companies in auditing, consulting, civil construction, and education sectors. He developed numerous technological innovation projects, obtaining their approval in several economic grant notices. Developed the Change Management simulation Executive Change, an award-winning technological solution.